Water – A Love/Hate Story


Elias. My ferret. When I saw the assignment was Water, this is what immediately popped in my head. Elias’ bath time! He LOVES water and hates it. I had a bowl of water in his cage for a while and instead of drinking it, he would stick his head IN the bowl and blow bubbles. He tries to get in the tub every time we go in the bathroom, but when I give him a bath in the tub, he also tries to climb up the side to escape.

In this pic, he’s on the cusp of happy/pissed. He was like “Wheee, wait, I don’t think, HEY WHAT THE HELL WATER IN MY FACE!!!” I know it’s a little fuzzy and I am working on getting a better camera (I need new running shoes too I keep going back and forth, damn expensive hobbies). I decided to use it anyway because it makes me laugh and I love this picture. I’m sure I’m bias, because I adore this fur ball..


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