Street – The Masonic Temple and The Shriner


I went out for a run this morning before work. Apparently I look down a lot while running. I think it’s the fact that where I live, there’s often icy patches, and if not ice, there’s probably a hole from last winter. I’m clumsy…if there’s a way to trip I usually find it.

Today I had a specific multitasking plan, to go out for my run and see if I could find an interesting picture for the Photography 101 assignment. I had an hour before work, wanted to get at least 5 miles in, and get a photo I liked a lot. Well, I went into wander mode on accident, took about 15 pictures, ran almost 6 miles, the last couple as fast as I could because I was running late for work. I felt great and have some pictures I really like, but frizzy hair. Oh well.

I have debated for 7 hours which to use. I think the Shriner captures this assignment the best of my group of pics. He’s standing stoically in front of the Masonic Temple, which I noticed before, but never really looked at. The building to the far left with the dome top is our County Office Building.

Part of my love of running is the freedom of going anywhere I want, my music in my ears, and seeing things in a different light (when I think to look up). When I’m out, I usually kind of let my mind wander and let my body tell me how far I should go that day. I got sidetracked this summer with training for a marathon, and had to get so many miles in per week training. The last few weeks, I remember how nice it was to get back to running for fun. (Then I signed up for a November 100 mile challenge…sigh). I keep reminding myself to look up now. There are some interesting things and beautiful architecture in this area!


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