So, I have this song, er, a part of a chorus….”The things we do for love, the things we do for love” from 10cc stuck in my head and I can’t get rid of it now. Yes, the time on the stove is P.M. My 17 year old asked me “What’s for dinner Ma?”…when we got home from shopping, after I got off work…at 10 P.M.

I moved to this shift, which is noon to 10pm, after 8 years on overnights. It’s nice, although not an ideal day shift, better to me than 9pm to 7am. I’m getting old and I can’t deal with that anymore. I want to SLEEP AT NIGHT! Although still getting used to it, it’s kinda hard on the kids too. They got used to me making dinner every night and spending time with them before work. Of course, they are all picky and at least one of the three wouldn’t like what I made and eat something else, but I think they liked the idea of Mom cooking. I do cook on days off but lately we’ve all been busy or half the family gone so we have been eating takeout or fast food a bit more lately too…boo me!

So when my son asked me what’s for dinner, I looked through the freezer and fridge and told him I could make him bacon and eggs. I hadn’t anticipated such an enthusiastic reaction he was like ALRIGHT! THANKS MOM!..(you would think I asked if it was ok that I invited Bruce Dickenson from Iron Maiden to join us for dinner)

I start frying this incredibly cheap ass bacon (I will NEVER buy sale off name bacon again, it fell apart completely…I originally bought it for wrapping chicken in another recipe I will share down the road, and am glad I found out this way it was not substantial enough for wrapping!) and eggs, and made him some toast with butter and strawberry jelly and those lyrics kept going through my head. “the things we do for looove!”

My friend Niki would tell me I like to do “acts of service” to show love. Like making something that I know someone will enjoy eating…although impromptu, on a chipped plate with no fancy garnish, he inhaled the plateful and went back for seconds. THAT makes me happy, and I know in a small way makes him feel loved. He and I have been through some rocky territory in our relationship, but we worked through it. So bacon and eggs at midnight might be weird, but it’s imperative to cook and eat stuff with the ones you love in the middle of the night sometimes!



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